Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cake Pop Pay Day!

Time flies! 
Hope you are all well?!

I don't usually take on logo designs as a rule, but I super love Erica Murfitt's Cake Pop business. She really has an amazing eye for detail with those pops! So when she approached halfpinthome to help her come up with something for her business I knew it was something I wanted to do!!

While I am no logo master, I do know it's a serious sets you apart from the rest and has to be something to get you noticed and remembered by! In essence, a simple relay of information which looks glossy and sleek, yet approachable and friendly.......a business is no good without customers after all!

As Erica already had an idea in mind, that's where it started! A rhino, with moustache, holding cake pops, in the style of Foxy and Miss Mouse. A Rhino Manimal, lol, I worked hard on this, but really rhino's aren't the cutest animal, and the colour doesn't leave a lot to be desired! Let this be known as 'The Ugly'.

Erica and I talked about how we could make changes to improve the look, she wanted to include hand lettering and smaller pops....she really had her heart set on the rhino and when you have an idea in mind, it's hard to leave the vision behind. So this is what came next!

Still no where near right! The pops were now too small to be seen on smaller promotional items such as stickers, and rhino manimal just wasn't the bees knees, poor fellow! Let this be known as 'The Bad'

At this point I asked Erica to bear with me (I think she was loosing the will to live for logo's!) while I showed her what I imagined for her cake pop business. As she loved the hand lettering which we had already used and the colours this is where it started.........

I loved the idea of pop 'characters' from the beginning, so I went back to this as a concept, and the huge donut pop Erica makes looks amazing, so colourful and fun and definitely something to remember! Hoorah, Erica hung in there and when she saw the progress she liked it too! After some further discussions we were getting somewhere!

A pig and a clown! The pig pop being a best seller and the clown pop a new venture for her. It soon turned into this logo below (almost there) and I know exactly what I will being doing next to complete it! Shhhhhh, don't tell Erica ;-) Let this stage be known as 'The Good'.

So whilst work on the main logo will continue, a huge selection of little pop pics have been produced to use as stickers on cake pop boxes, postal orders, and bags etc......

Ta-dah! The Fin & Sully's 'look' is's a great base to work from, and (hopefully) says everything it needs to for Erica's tasty cake-tastic pop business! New pops can be added into the Fin & Sully's circle when Erica creates and launches them and it's always exciting to see different imagery as a customer, even if you have already have a favourite.........donut pop for me!

This design process really was 'the good, the bad, and the ugly' but I am so looking forward to seeing them all glossy and on all her packaging! To check out Erica's facebook page click on the link!

It was such a treat to do this, especially as I REALLY was part paid in pops!! YUM!

Thanks Erica!

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