Friday, August 16, 2013

Stockeld Park Showcase

Hello to the summer holidays! 
(and hello to the challenges of child care and work at the same time!)

The sun has been delicious but with hardly any rainy days there's not been many chances to set up crafts for the kids and work along side them. I have been finding that there has been a lot of 6am starts, cramming in a couple of hours while the kids sleep in and then finishing things off on Fridays when Cathy Grandma and Nana Linda whisk them off for a whole days fun. Although I have missed out on little shiny smiling faces I have been so grateful not to have to close the Etsy and NOTHS shop so far AND in the evenings (the ones where I managed to scrape myself off the floor) continue with design work ready for Christmas.

These mini make finger puppets are going to be part of the 'Christmas Countdown' Mini Make Book and I am really excited about! 

 As the book needs to be complete by the 26th August, ready for proofing and printing, it is the biggest challenge for halfpinthome! 25 pages of illustrations and makes and I have 10 days left and 3/4 of the work left to do......but us mums rock right?.....I will do it, and it will be brilliant, even if I am telling myself this in a pep talk kind of way!

So, pep talk over and onto why I am really blogging! 

A little while ago halfpinthome was approached by Stockeld Park to enter a competition that they were running to find local talent to showcase at Christmas. With a footfall of 100,000 in the lead up to Christmas this was definitely an opportunity not to be missed, so I excitedly scheduled it in. It was a submission based entry including a little bit about halfpinthome and 5 pictures of products which best showed off what halfpinthome had to offer. 

A few weeks later an e-mail came started as many do........

"Hello. Thank you for contacting Stockeld Park and taking an interest in our search for fabulous local talent that we can showcase in our Magical Gift Emporium.
We have had an overwhelming response to our competition and have struggled to choose 3 winners who will be given the chance to retail their Yorkshire made products this winter season."

*Insert a little (big) sigh (we all know what comes next) and I actually, really, nearly, did not read on.....thank goodness I did!

"I am pleased to say that you have been selected as one of our lucky winners."

I quickly gathered back up my (little-big) sigh, felt sheepish for jumping to negative conclusions and let my inners do a little dance around my happy heart. Sounds weird but it's quite hard to describe genuine happy feelings. 

So now, I am almost finished making up the order for Stockeld which includes notebook sets, ladybird cushions, ant and ladybird height charts, elephant and lion cushions and cards which are not yet designed....(something else to add to the summer holiday to do list!) ...Happy Days! So if you are popping to Stockeld Park soon and visit the shop look out for halfpinthome on the shelves! 

I am so super pleased to be a part of something so fabulous for children and totally think these kind of venues are perfect for my happy halfpinthome bugs and characters!

OH and I almost forgot, the 'lookbook' promos I was making recently are for Stockeld Park too. I thought it would be a nice way for customers who are new to find out a tiny bit more about halfpinthome and see what else is on offer! 

Hope YLL are all well and surviving being working mums too!

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