Friday, January 24, 2014

My studio, my week, my new friday fabric, print and cards!

Clearing out the desk towards the weekend is always a good feeling but this week I have cleared out my studio as well, re-arranged the furniture and made it much more functional with the help of some very low tech cereal boxes cut in half, you maybe laughing but I've never found a better system to house so many card designs in such a little space with extra love for it being free!

This weeks new Friday fabric is a called 'Mushroom Forest' which is available to view & buy here ! I totally love toadstools and mushrooms and will be adding a more 'grown up' toadstool design to the range at some point this year too.

This weeks new products are an A3 Alphabet Ladybird Print for the littlies learning their ABC's and Valentine's Day cards for anyone. I think I am going to send a whole load this year, I feel like spreading the love! You can buy them here if you are still looking for yours :-)

I hope you've had a splendid week and will shortly be doing a hop, skip and jump into the weekend. See you next time, Fran x

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